Boxer Amir Khan wants Sports Ministry from PM Imran Khan

LONDON: British-Pakistani boxer Amir Khan says he wants to become the Sports Minister of Pakistan to develop sports in the country.

After Geo News published a story of Amir Khan complaining that he was “disappointed” with PM Imran Khan’s performance and that he had done nothing for sports in Pakistan, Amir Khan issued a clarification on Friday and said he didn’t mean to criticise Imran Khan but set out a new demand. He said: “I am willing to put myself forward as the sports minister of Pakistan to help and also to liaise ease with Imran Khan. At the same time, it will take the pressure off him.”

Amir Khan said making him the sports minister will help Imran Khan because he will know that “somebody is controlling that side of sports for him.” Amir Khan said that Imran Khan was doing a great job for Pakistan, but he didn’t have times for sports and making him a minister will benefit him and the country.

Amir Khan said he was not putting pressure on Imran Khan and not blaming him for lack of sports developments in the country. He said Imran Khan was doing a lot of things and Pakistan was getting better and stronger. Khan had earlier said that Imran had not “not done much for sports.”

The boxing star said: “So you know even though he is a great person but for sports he has not done nothing.Being a sports man he has not done anything for sports.” Amir Khan, who is a friend of Imran Khan, said that “all the people in Pakistan are crying.” Khan had credited himself for being “the only person that does anything for sports.” He said in the interview that he was taking Pakistani boxers “around the world to put them into matches.”

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